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How to run the best open for inspection in the neighbourhood

So the scenario is this: You’ve gained a listing, you have created a schedule of events to bring you up to auction day, and you think you’ll get some good traction. What you do next is just as, if not more important. Any vendor will expect you to run inspections, but if you go to the next level in running your inspection you can achieve two things.

  • A better sale price for the home
  • More leads, giving you more business once this listing finishes.

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Here are the best tips to run the best ‘Open of Inspection’ in your neighbourhood.

Focus on strong signage and displays: It’s very good getting your listing displayed on portals to drive traffic, and we assume most agents will undertake this practise, as well as good photography. The next step is on the day, have ‘OFI’ boards everywhere you possibly can. There should be an ‘OFI’ sign at the end of the street, on the closest main road, as well as any other high traffic places in close proximity. People need to find the home before they can go in to it.

Have the home in full flight upon inspectors arriving: It’s amazing to know how many agents don’t turn all the lights on in the house and leave all the doors unlocked. You need to display the house in the best possible light. Literally. So have the lights on, and ideally have a cleaner fully clean the house the day before the inspection. For the $50 per inspection more, it could add thousands on to the sales price.

Place marketing collateral in multiple places: A lot of agents put all of their brochures, and collateral in one position. If for some reason the inspector goes past this they could miss it.

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