Vacate Notice


You can terminate your agreement in one of the following ways

  • If you intend to vacate at the end of your tenancy agreement you are required to give a minimum of 28 days written notice of intention to vacate to your property manager, prior to the expiry of your agreement.
  • If you intend to vacate after the end of your tenancy agreement you are required to give your property manager a minimum 28 days written notice of intention to vacate.
*NOTE: Notice period is calculated from the date Changing Places receives written notice and this must be signed. Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract providing protection for both you and the owner.

If any unforeseen circumstances arise and you have to vacate the property prior to the expiration of your tenancy agreement, please contact your property manager immediately, 28 days written notice of intent to vacate is required although in this situation we will endeavor to find a suitable tenant to take over your tenancy but be aware that there are fees associated with breaking a lease.

A vacating notice can only be accepted using the following methods:

  • Posted to 294 Kings Way, South Melbourne, VIC 3205
  • Hand delivered to the above address
  • Faxed to us on (03) 9686 8881

Unfortunately, we cannot receive vacating notices by email or over the phone as they are not legally permissible.

In addition to the information provided above, more information about renting can be found in the new tenant information guide. This guide would have been provided to you when you signed the tenancy agreement.

Please contact your property manager should you have any questions regarding these matters or any others relating to your tenancy agreement.INFORMATION ON BREAKING YOUR LEASE

We understand that on occasion your circumstances may change and you may be required to break your lease agreement. Under your lease break you will be responsible for the care of the property until a new tenancy commences; although you may move out of the property you may still hold a set of keys until your agent confirms a new tenant has been secured. The return of keys will be by negotiation by you and your agent.

Rent will be required to be paid as usual until you are notified by your property manager that you can cease payments, usually when a new tenancy commences. Should the property remain vacant for any period of time you will still be responsible for the upkeep of the property; this may include:

  • Collecting mail
  • Tiding the gardens and pathways
  • Organising any cleaning or repairs needed
  • Ensuring the property is kept safe and secure

You are still fully responsible for the property until a new tenancy commences which at this point you will hand over possession.


We strongly recommend that you refer to your condition report that was prepared for you at the start of your tenancy along with the cleaning checklist we provide to you as this will form the grounds of the final assessment of the property.

If you ensure you have left the property in the same condition if not better you will be safeguarding your bond.

The final inspection will usually be conducted within 1-2 business days after keys have been returned, by returning the keys you are handing over vacant possession.

Under Victorian legislation your property manager will have 10 business days to process the bond claim or make an application to VCAT to mediate any disputes that cannot be negotiated or agreed upon.

You can find further information relating to you tenancy in your rental guide booklet or by visiting Consumer Affairs website



*NOTE: Above information is relevant to all Victorian tenancies only, requirements may vary for each State.