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The design trends that buyers can’t get enough of


Scroll through online real estate listings and you’ll notice some homes have it, some homes don’t.
Precisely what this elusive “it” is can vary from place to place and style to style. Broadly speaking, it’s the real estate equivalent of fairy dust, sprinkled by home designers, stagers and stylists to make their clients’ properties stand out from the pack.


Just … Continue Reading »

10 Tips to find the perfect home


Now that you’re ready to purchase a place, you want to make sure it’s the right one for you. Follow these tips to find a home that’s a perfect fit for you:

1. Go for the long haul
When looking for a home, search for one that you could see yourself living in for several … Continue Reading »

How to: Buy & sell at the same time



Selling a home and buying another at the same time may seem daunting, but it can be done. The secret is to be prepared.


Jarrod McCabe, an independent buyer’s agent in Melbourne, says the key to successful simultaneous property transactions, which are popular in spring, is research and preparation.


“The conventional wisdom is that it’s safer to sell a home first, then buy another, … Continue Reading »

6 ways to save on electricity, gas and water bills this summer

Tips & Tricks


We love this great advice from electrician and home renovation expert, Bec Sparky for, on how to reduce your home bills over the summer period. Good for the environment and the hip pocket!


When you’re hot and bothered it’s easy to blast the air conditioner, and not realise that warm air is leaking into your home. Summer is also a time where … Continue Reading »