About Cameron Fisher

125WattleyValleyRd066_strai-670x1024Managing Director of Changing Places and a definite power player in the real estate sector.

Cameron is highly qualified in his profession and holds an array of qualifications, including:

  • Fully Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Diploma in valuations (distinction)
  • Fully Accredited Auctioneer with Over 5000 Successful Auctions under his belt
  • Advisor to Leading Institutions, Developers, Accountancy Practices and Law Firms

Highly energetic, motivated and incredibly successful Cameron has always and continues to donate a considerable amount of his time and resources to various charities and community groups, including:

  • SIDS,
  • Richmond Football Club,
  • The Red Cross,
  • Several Leading Schools

In this incredibly competitive industry, few can compare to Cameron’s skills, generosity and commitment to his clients. His pioneering approach and upbeat personality make Cameron a perfect choice for those buying and selling alike.

Each of his employees brings a high level of expertise in their dedicated field, this allows his team to provide exceptional knowledge and service to each and every one of their clients, ensuring the best possible outcome can be achieved.

Appearing in the Australian premier of “The Money Game” only demonstrates further Cameron’s ability and entrepreneurial mindset placing him in the elite of the country. He took on the challenge of going against Australia’s best and conquered it with surgical precision. Never was this more apparent than the challenge in which he was given $10,000 and told to turn it into as much money as he could within 55 hours. He then followed up this impressive feat by donating all of the hard-earned money to charity.