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Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

Our Population; A Changing Trend

With endless talk about Australia’s ever-growing population the discussion has now taken a twist particularly in our major cities.

Although the population is growing, final numbers from the Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for population growth over the 2013 period unveiled we actually added fewer people to the population then anticipated increasing by 396,000 new residents … Continue Reading »

Australia’s Fastest Selling Suburbs


Top 10 fastest selling suburbs in Australia (houses and units)

With a national housing shortage and an increasing demand on residential property across Australia, we take a look at which suburbs have the fastest selling stock and lowest average days on market.

The results are based on the average number of days it has taken to sell those … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

Can you still buy a cheap house in Melbourne?

The answer is most certainly yes.

There are many affordable suburbs still available that represent outstanding value and potential for capital growth.

Melbourne’s most affordable suburbs include Melton with a median house price just under $280,000 and an number of other suburbs including Frankston North, Melton South and Millgrove all with a median house … Continue Reading »

Landlords, Lifestyle & Gen Y


A Changing Landscape

The stereotype of the typical landlord is fast changing. According to a recent report from ME Bank, from the six months to December 2013 over 15% of young singles were saving for an investment property.

A contributing factor to the changing demographic is quite simply the affordability of property prices in metro areas. As property … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

Yet another blow for first home buyers

First home buyers are again taking another blow, with recent data released by the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) indicating that the number of first home buyers has fallen considerably in the past year.

New buyers represented 12.3% of owner-occupied finance commitments in April 2014 – down from 14.3% in April 2013 and 12.6% in … Continue Reading »

When did you last check your smoke alarm?


Can you smell smoke?

A typical smoke alarm will set you back around $30 and is an important household item to have in the home and to ensure it is working sufficiently. Often the question is raised why is it least prioritised and frequently overlooked?

So when did you last check yours?

I … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

A Skyline Evolving

Australia’s skyline is changing, with residential and mixed-use (including residential) high-rises being built at a significant rate. While in some cities this is more prominent than others, some records are being broken and others are being tiptoed around.

Here are the current tallest towers that include some aspect of residential, and those set to take their titles, across Australia.


In … Continue Reading »

101 Tips; Get More Money For Your Property!

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How to Present Your Home For Sale & Get More Money!

When it comes to selling, presentation is paramount to achieving a premium result.

Human beings are emotional creatures, a typical buyer will inspect 14 properties before they make a decision and a commitment to buy a home, and 9 times out of 10 they will move heaven and earth to secure the … Continue Reading »

Second home buyers


Raising The Family

When you purchase your very first property your needs and desires are likely to differ from the ideal home you see yourself raising a family in, usually your second home.

Your first home is likely to be located close to where you work, many first homebuyers I speak with have very different needs to the … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

Records Smashed!

A recent article posted by RP Data claims that the Melbourne property market has been smashing auction records in the first half of 2014.

1. Highest volume of auctions ever

Taking into account the expected auctions this week there have been around 16,236 auctions already held this year which is 30 per cent more than the previous high in 2010.

2. Most … Continue Reading »