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Ask The Agent | Why Changing Places?


Why Changing Places was an ideal fit for Rushi

Rushi Juvekar opened his Changing Places business in February 2015, Well educated and managing Melbourne’s Telephone exchange network for Telstra, Rushi had no prior real estate experience apart from having bought and sold a number of his own … Continue Reading »

Top 10 most affordable regional suburbs (for units)


You might be surprised…

Have you ever wondered where to buy some of the country’s cheapest, most affordable property?

This week we take a look at RP Data’s recent release: the most affordable regional suburb for units in Australia. The results are based on median units values as at February 2015 with at least 100 sales over the … Continue Reading »

What Can I Buy for $1,000,000?


Here’s what $1,000,000 really looks like in Australia today!

Here is the million dollar question, what does one million dollars buy you in the way of property in Australia in today’s market? It feels that not too long ago a million dollars was a very substantial sum of money to spend on real estate in Australia, … Continue Reading »