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To turf.. or not to turf?


Can laying turf increase your property’s value by $75,000?

I think not… Recent claims from Turf Australia suggest that home buyers are paying up to $75,000 more for a property with a lawn.

Statistics provided to Property Observer by Turf Australia:

Victoria:$79,800 on a $420,000 home

New South Wales:… Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

Capital City Market Report – APM

Australian Property Monitors have released their Capital City Market Report this month, the report is a snapshot of overall performance of the Australian property market in comparison to previous year’s performance and activity. This insight is invaluable information for all wanting to keep informed about market trends.

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16 Point Checklist – Questions To Ask When Hiring a Real Estate Agent


When you ask the right questions, you get the right answers

Question 1

What is the current state of the local market?

Question 2

How much do you think my property is worth and how did you arrive at that figure?

Question 3

How does my property present? Are there any suggestions you can make to help maximise the sale price?

Question 4

What other … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

Significant drop in Victorian first home buyers

As puzzling as it appears, first home buyers are trending out the Victorian market place at an astounding rate. Figures released by the ABS Housing Finance Data shows that a mere 12.2% of approved loans were to first home buyers in November 2013. When comparing the 20 year … Continue Reading »

Property Investment & Advice


Rapid Growth Calls for Regulation

Without the appropriate accreditations I cannot advise you to buy a single share but anybody can advise you to buy a $1M property.

The property investment and advice industry has seen rapid growth over the past years, people, both consumers and business are pushing for this lucrative industry to be regulated.

A survey, conducted by SMSF … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

Increase In New Home Sales Nationwide

In a positive indicator for residential housing construction, new home sales posted strong growth of 7.5 per cent in November 2013, according to the Housing Industry Association (HIA).

In the latest HIA New Home Sales report – a survey of Australia’s largest volume builders – the 7.5 per cent increase in total … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

Property prices rise almost 10% in 2013

Property values have increased by 9.8% during 2013 after an end of year surge, advancing the growth rate to its highest level in 4 years taking the national median dwelling value to $540,000. (RPdata)

RPdata reports the national housing market has shown significant improvement throughout last year with the bulk of … Continue Reading »