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Why Buyers Miss Out On Their Dream Home


The most common reasons people miss out on their dream home

Working in the business of helping people move, I regularly come across disappointed buyers who failed to secure the home of their dreams. If you’re thinking of moving, there are 4 common traps to avoid to reduce the risk of losing a property … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

Top 5 Reasons Your Home Loan Application May Be Rejected

1.      No Demonstrated Savings

Demonstrated savings can be defined in the finance space as the ability to demonstrate to your bank or lender your capacity to make regular and consistent saving out of your income over a period of time. This provides the bank with confidence that you have the … Continue Reading »

Demystifying Pest & Building Reports


Building & pest inspections put you in control

When it comes to building and pest inspections, most people assume they are only relevant to purchasers who generally have them conducted as part of the pre-exchange process. But having your home inspected for structural and termite damage can be highly advantageous if you’re thinking of selling also.


Because it … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

Chinese Buyers Paying More?

There is currently very little evidence supporting this, in fact, research conducted by The University of Technology is rather the contrary, finding evidence that Chinese buyers are paying less in comparison for comparable homes.

The report released by the University titled Chinese Demand for Sydney Residential Property, analysed over 73,000 individual home sales over a decade, showing that … Continue Reading »

When Is The Right Time To Sell?


Thinking of Selling?

“When is the right time to sell a property?” This could quite possibly be the second most common question I’m asked behind “how’s the market?” and my answer is most often the same.

This decision is not a matter of when but a matter of why. Why are you thinking of selling your … Continue Reading »

First Home Buyer Activity Falls to Record Lows

Property Pulse

First Home Buyer Activity Falls to Record Lows

First home buyer activity in Victoria continues to fall in March quarter according to a recent release form property data provider RP Data.

Many have simply drawn to the conclusion that the high number of investors currently present in the Victorian marketplace has singlehandedly drove away first home buyers, however, this observation … Continue Reading »

Choosing A Career In Real Estate

Company News

Real estate is a brilliant career path. Those that work hard, follow up with clients, acquire the right knowledge, and develop a good career plan will succeed in the industry. But all this takes training—good training. Without it, success is fleeting.
Real estate is an excellent career choice. It pays well. It has great benefits. … Continue Reading »

Marketing your property for sale


Get the most from your marketing campaign

As a vendor, expect to invest in your marketing expenses, think of these expenses as an investment rather than a burden as it could potentially be the difference between selling for a premium price and selling at a discount. Gone are the days of simply placing a signboard out front and having … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

The Reserve Bank has left the cash rate unchanged at 2.50 per cent in May 2014 in line with general expectations. The Bank again reiterates the weak labour force conditions and lower wage growth which has eased pressure on inflation. With inflation remaining consistent with the 2-3 per cent band, the Bank intends for … Continue Reading »

Did you know?

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A quiet revolution

We believe the industry must accept a change in the way commission is charged for the sale of property in Australia.

There is little difference in the effort and resources required to sell a $450,000 property compared with a $650,000 property – same scenario when you compare a $900,000 property to a $1,250,000 property, yet the commission … Continue Reading »