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How to; run the best open homes


How to run the best open for inspection in the neighbourhood

So the scenario is this: You’ve gained a listing, you have created a schedule of events to bring you up to auction day, and you think you’ll get some good traction. What you do next is just as, if not more important. Any vendor will expect you to run inspections, … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

National Rental Review 2014

RP Data have recently released their September Quarter Rental Review, a scorecard which provides an in-depth analysis of rental market activity over the quarter. Nationally, the annual rental rate for houses and units increased by 1.3 per cent while in the capital cities, house rents remained flat at 0% growth; rental rates for units increased … Continue Reading »

Auction VS Auction


Auction vs Auction

The two most common options for selling a property are the ceiling price approach or auction.

The ceiling price method is like a bartering system that can take place over a period of time. The owner puts their price on the market and the consumer can basically scout through the marketing and know exactly how much the seller is … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

Australian property among the priciest on the planet

It may come as no surprise that Australia is among the priciest in the world for property, in fact according to a new global report Australian property is the second priciest on the planet.

According to property group CBRE’s Global Living Report, Australian home and apartment values have risen faster than any … Continue Reading »

What’s your property’s story?


Nobody knows your home better than you.

You have lived in it and loved it and you know every nook and delightful cranny and every special feature of the property.

All those special features such as three-phase power or that you were a builder make your property more desirable and valuable. It is an agent’s job to convey … Continue Reading »