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Preparing Your Mind


Preparing your mind for sale

Many people put their property on the market, but they haven’t thought about what selling really means and what they are going to do if they actually do sell. The reality of selling only hits when the first offer comes in. If you’re not ready to sell that offer can come as quite a … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

East West Link slashes property prices

Plans for the East West Link tunnel have pushed house prices in Melbourne’s Clifton Hill area into a downward trend from which it will take at least five years to recover, private modelling shows.

The average property price around Alexandra Parade, the arterial road that will form the eastern mouth of the planned 4.4 … Continue Reading »

Should you move? Should you renovate?


A timeless question and one that many home owners consider

People renovate for lifestyle reasons or to try and make profit. If you intend to stay in your property for a long time and wish to adjust your home for your needs then that is money well spent. However, if you are considering renovating for profit – … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

The Importance of Negative Gearing

The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) has highlighted the importance of negative gearing to the Australian property market, saying its removal could be detrimental to all property owners.

REIA chief executive Amanda Lynch said the federal Treasury is again pushing for the removal of negative gearing, and the rumour is modelling will be done … Continue Reading »

6 Questions


Your investment is our passion!

1. Do you own your own home and/or investment property?
There is nobody more likely to get the job done than someone with first-hand experience of your investment decision. A fellow property investor knows about paying the bills associated to investment properties, they know the repercussions of non-payment of rent, the importance of routine inspections and the value … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

Bubble Unlikely to Burst

Sydney’s population continues to increase and land availability continues to be scarce, couple this with record low interest rates for the foreseeable future and the property bubble – as some are calling it – is unlikely to burst.

A recent forecast by the NSW government expects Sydney’s population to increase 31% by 2031.

The city also faces … Continue Reading »

9 Quick Property Presentation Tips


First Impressions Last

There’s an old saying – ‘first impressions last’ – and nothing could be truer when it comes to presenting your property for sale. That means a tidy and presentable interior and exterior, as many people will drive-by before deciding whether to inspect it on open days.

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Here they are:

1. Pavement appeal: Make sure the front … Continue Reading »

Using the Senses:


How To Create A Zen Space In Your Home

Creating a space to recharge and unwind is essential when trying to maintain peace and balance in an increasingly busy world. However, not many of us know where to start when it comes to creating the perfect zen space in any property.
According to well-known holistic guru, … Continue Reading »