Can a good real estate agent make a difference


The most recent example of how a good sales person can make a difference comes from the Melbourne south east suburb of Glen Iris where a Changing Places Area Specialist took over the sale of a property in Flowerdale Ave that had been listed by one of the high profile agencies in that area.

The original agent had the property listed for over 120 days, went through an unsuccessful auction campaign and after the vendors had spent many thousands of dollars on marketing found themselves with a single buyer… problem was the agent could not negotiate a price that both the buyer and the vendor could agree upon.

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Several weeks later Changing Places took over the listing with a clearly defined strategy on how they were going to get the property sold for a price that the vendor would be happy to accept.

The Changing Places agent was able to close a sale in a matter of just 10 days to the buyer who had previously inspected the property and had submitted an offer with the other agent. The Changing Places agent – through an advanced negotiation strategy – was able to extract an additional $46,000 above the previous offer the buyer had made with the other agent.

So going back the original question… can a good salesperson impact your final sale price?

“$46,000 difference”

Each Changing Places Area Specialist is exposed to thorough training on sales and negotiation ensuring the properties we take on are given the best possible chance to achieve a premium price in any marketplace Australia wide.

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They saved thousands

Not only were Changing Places able to sell the property for $46,000 more than the previous highest offer, our client saved thousands of dollars on commission in the process, and with minimal advertising expense compared to the big advertising bill they were left with from the previous agent.

If you know of somebody that is currently on the market and not entirely convinced their agent is doing everything possible to secure the highest sale price, contact us today to discuss a strategy that can help your property achieve the sale price it deserves.

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