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Can the right property manager make a difference?

Property Management

Investors pay a lot of attention to finding the right location and property, but one area they often neglect is selecting the right agent to manage their investment.

Can a property manager really make a difference though?

“Absolutely” says Tracey Chandler of Buyers Agent Sydney. ”The right agent can make a substantial difference over the life of your investment.”

“You learn over time, … Continue Reading »

First time renters: what you need to know

Tips & Tricks

You’ve been to all the open for inspections, completed the application forms and been approved for your first rental property – what happens next?

Here are the top three things you need to know before signing your first residential tenancy agreement.
What is a residential tenancy agreement? 
A residential tenancy agreement is a legal contract between you, as a tenant, and your landlord. … Continue Reading »

How to get maximum value out of your investment property


Choosing to buy a rental property in an area where tenant demand is high and vacancies are low is one way for landlords to increase their investment property’s likely income, but once the purchase is made, there are other ways to maximise its value.


Crolyn Parrella, Executive Manager of Landlord Insurance Specialists, Terri Scheer, says property investment is a passionate … Continue Reading »

Evicting a tenant: A landlord’s guide

Property Management

Ending the lease

There are many reasons a lease might end before its specified date, and not all reasons are due to the action or inaction of the tenant. If you’re selling your house with ‘vacant possession’, you’re going to need to ensure there are no tenants occupying the property at settlement.

Similarly, if you need to carry … Continue Reading »

How to spot the dream tenant as a landlord


Once they’re living in your place, it’s dead easy to spot a bad tenant. They’re usually the ones paying late, causing havoc with the neighbours, treating your place like a tip or demanding endless costly repairs.

In short, making your life – and your property manager’s life – hell.

But if you can select a great tenant from the outset, you … Continue Reading »

Do you have enough money to invest in real estate?



New investors are always asking how much money they need to buy a property, but there’s no one-size-fits-all with real estate.

Domain spoke to some of the leading property buying experts to find out what they would recommend when getting started.


The size of the deposit and costs

The most significant consideration for most first-time investors … Continue Reading »

Melbourne vacancy rate hits 10-year low, translating to rental price rises: SQM Research



MELBOURNE’S vacancy rate has dropped to a near 10-year low, reflecting an increasingly unaffordable “landlords’ market” in the city.

SQM Research figures show just 1.7 per cent of the properties being offered for rent in the city remained available in February, equating to 8693 residences.

This was down from 2 per cent in January.

SQM managing director Louis Christopher said the last time … Continue Reading »

The Biggest Fears Of Landlords & Tenants


FEAR is a driving force in the world of real estate: fear of missing out, fear of losing money, fear of accidentally raising your arm at an auction.

Landlords and tenants comprise a huge slab of Australia’s property scene and each group has their own specific fears. If they knew what scares each other the most, they … Continue Reading »

Should I sell or lease out my property?


So, you have found your dream home but you’re not sure whether you should sell your existing house to buy the new home or keep your existing house, lease it out and buy the new home.

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question but there are a number of considerations to keep in mind.

The first thing you need to ask … Continue Reading »

How to: Pick the right tenant



Many investors have already experienced the tenant from hell. It may have been daily calls to fix a loose door handle or unexplained holes in the walls and broken glass.

These problems, no matter how big or small, can make owning a rental property a real nightmare; especially if you’re managing the property yourself. What … Continue Reading »

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