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What you need to know about being a landlord



Property is a top investment choice for many Australians, and so it makes sense that more of us are becoming landlords.


Being a good landlord takes a little more effort than just sitting back and collecting the rent and taken on the title comes with certain responsibilities.

7 things to know about being a landlord
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6 Tips for Staging Your Rental Property

Property Management


One of the most effective ways to get a property rented quickly is to stage it. In other words, to make it appear warm and welcoming so that prospective tenants can envision what it would be like to live there themselves. Successful staging, however, involves a lot more than just putting furniture and a few other … Continue Reading »

Investment properties: It’s not about you!



When buying a property to rent out for investment purposes, do you follow your gut, head or heart? According to Benjamin Kingsley, chair of Property Investment Professionals of Australia, you can consider all of these as long as the renter’s perspective holds the greatest sway.

Investors might get seduced by an inferior property, because they are thinking about picking up a bargain instead … Continue Reading »

‘I wish I hadn’t done it’: Is renting to family or friends ever a good idea?


Home owner Lisa wishes she had never agreed to rent out her Sydney investment property to a friend.

The decision to offer her two-bedroom flat to a friend who was looking for a pet-friendly place to stay after splitting from her husband has taken its toll on their relationship and left the pair barely speaking.

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