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Our Population; A Changing Trend

With endless talk about Australia’s ever-growing population the discussion has now taken a twist particularly in our major cities.

Although the population is growing, final numbers from the Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for population growth over the 2013 period unveiled we actually added fewer people to the population then anticipated increasing by 396,000 new residents over the calendar year; that’s 9300 less than the previous year.

The state of NSW grew by the most number of new residents, adding a close to 111,000 new people, followed closely by Victoria adding almost 108,000. Queensland and Western Australia both grew by 79,706, and 71,301 respectively.

Our national population growth peaked in 2008 growing at the rate of 2.2% compared to 1.7% as what it is today.

Overseas migration is still the largest contributing factor towards population growth and is up 78.6% from the 30 year average.

Interestingly the slowdown in population growth appears to me most prevalent in the mining states of QLD and WA where previously these states have seen exceptionally strong growth.

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