Thinking of Selling?

“When is the right time to sell a property?” This could quite possibly be the second most common question I’m asked behind “how’s the market?” and my answer is most often the same.

This decision is not a matter of when but a matter of why. Why are you thinking of selling your property?

Once we understand the motivation behind the thought, we can determine when the time is right. Generally there are two motivations that influence the decision to sell; the needs and the desires of the vendors.

So when is the right time to sell?

The right time to sell will depend on your needs and your desires and will often go deeper than the current market conditions.

If you are selling to buy a property in the same market, the conditions in which you sell will be the same in which you buy. If you are selling due to an emotional or financial need, you will know that you can begin the next chapter of your life once the transaction is completed.

There is fundamentally no right time to sell as the right time should be directly in line with your current needs and desires.

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