every property has a story to tell

Nobody knows your home better than you.

You have lived in it and loved it and you know every nook and delightful cranny and every special feature of the property.

All those special features such as three-phase power or that you were a builder make your property more desirable and valuable. It is an agent’s job to convey the maximum value to buyers, but the agent can’t sell all the special features if you haven’t told him or her. All the information you provide the agent has a dollar value and allows you to transfer that profit knowledge onto the future purchaser.

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For example you may have installed an oversized air-conditioning ducting system, which means that the whole house cools down quickly which in turn, makes the air-conditioning more efficient. It probably cost you a fortune to install but it means that the running costs present a saving and benefit to a potential buyer. It is therefore vital that that information is conveyed to the agent.

Tell the agent little things that you added such as soft-close drawer fittings on your kitchen or the Calcutta marble or granite benchtops. There are so many different products and materials out there and the consumer is actually quite savvy now, especially with the introduction of all the reality TV shows. Buyers know when a renovation is cheap and when a renovation is expensive, so it’s actually a really good idea to convey all those dollar features to your agent.

When you do your homework, you can significantly improve the profit price in a sale.

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