Raising The Family

When you purchase your very first property your needs and desires are likely to differ from the ideal home you see yourself raising a family in, usually your second home.

Your first home is likely to be located close to where you work, many first homebuyers I speak with have very different needs to the families who are searching for their dream, second home. Proximity to cafes, restaurants and nightlife are higher up on the list than good schools and parks.

So what are the key features you look for in your second home?

While the exact needs of every family will be slightly different there are some key characteristics that second home buyers have in common and place at the top of their list when it comes to purchasing their second home.

Besides a larger number of bedrooms, bathrooms and a second living area, our research suggests that proximity to the following amenities are of great importance:

  • Preschools & schools
  • after school activities (eg. sporting grounds etc)
  • Local shopping precincts
  • Public transport

With the above list looking rather different to what you ideally were searching for in your first home, your needs will change over time and so will what you look for in a property and weather your buying your first, second, third or even fourth home selecting the right agent to help you through your journey and be a valuable asset.

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