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Emotion vs Logic


The 2 Values of Any Property

A property’s value is subjective. From my experience there is always two values attached to your property; an emotional value and a logical value.


Logical Value

The logical value of a property is dependent on facts and comparable analysis of similar properties in your immediate area. These include the following;

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Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

Future population of Australia

Looking back at the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) national population projections from Q4 2013 the data looks at the projected growth in national population from 2012 to 2101 and provides a fascinating incite in to the potential future of Australia.

Projections are also provided at a state and capital city level … Continue Reading »

Can you afford your dream home?


How to find your dream home at a price you can afford?

Many people think they’ll never be able to afford their dream home and this belief prevents them from having the property they really want. When it comes to making a major decision like whether or not to move, it pays to know what … Continue Reading »

5 Quick Tips for Researching an Unfamiliar Suburb


Always do your research

Depending on the motivation for buying – upsizing, downsizing, or purchasing an investment property – it is important you spend a considerable amount of time researching the area you are considering purchasing in.

1. Visit The Street & Suburb At Various Times of The Day

The real estate agent will often arrange to have the property open … Continue Reading »

Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

Full steam ahead

A recent article from RP Data, Australia’s largest property data database, suggests that national listing numbers across Australia are at record levels after the seasonal slump. Its common practice that the market come to a near standstill throughout the last week in December and continuing in January. See below graph:

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Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

Poised for a strong year

The auction market is again poised for an explosive ride as we swing into 2014. After a number of passive weeks – which was to be expected and typical of January – according to Australian Property Monitors the number of auction listings across the capital cities has increased.

“Although auction numbers were unsurprisingly low last … Continue Reading »

5 Critical Mistakes Made by Vendors


A premium result simply doesn’t happen by chance

When a vendor makes the decision to sell their property they will be faced by many challenges. In real estate knowledge is power, knowing and understanding the 5 critical mistakes vendors make when going to the market will help retain the property’s integrity and assist in overcoming adversity.

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Weekly Property Pulse

Property Pulse

2014 Market Outlook

2013 has been a year of solid recovery across most capital cities in Australia. National property prices have greatly outperformed the previous two years and we began to see real signs of this throughout Q3 of 2013 paying particular attention to Sydney which seen record clearance rates and stock levels. According to RPData the only two … Continue Reading »