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The nine biggest mistakes sellers should avoid to get the best sales price


Selling your home can be a stressful time, so it’s important that it runs as smoothly as possible to give yourself the best chance of a top sales price.

The trouble is, with an emotional attachment to your property, sometimes sellers can be more hindrance than help.

In fact, there are common vendor mistakes that can make selling your home much … Continue Reading »

Owning an investment property isn’t always easy. Follow these tips to avoid the tenants from hell


OWNING an investment property can be smooth sailing, unless of course you rent it to the tenants from hell.

They might have scrubbed up okay at the inspection and all their paper work and references sound great, but how can you be sure they will stay that way?

According to CEO of Matt McCann one of the biggest headaches landlords … Continue Reading »

Popular holiday spots to invest in



At first glance, investing in Australia’s most popular holiday spots might seem like the wisest way to invest in property. Making an emotional decision can be dangerous, though. While you may love the idea of having a house for rent in popular Byron Bay or Noosa, for example, would it be wiser to invest in a less … Continue Reading »

First homebuyer mistakes to avoid



Empower Wealth’s Ben Kingsley said first homebuyers often broke the cardinal rule of not sticking to their original budget.


The offer of more money from a lender was usually too tempting for a first-timer to pass up, he said.


“The number one is they blow their budget,” he said.


“They normally justify to themselves to actual spend a little bit more. If … Continue Reading »