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3 Tips for a successful auction


3 Tips for a successful auction

For all who have been through the emotional roller-coaster that can be the auction campaign, a successful result means much more than the hammer falling well above reserve.

Although an extravagant sale price can make all the nostalgia instantly disappear it’s important to remember that a successful auction means much more than ‘sold’. … Continue Reading »

Free Suburb Report


Get to know your neighbourhood.

We aim to provide you with the facts, it’s important to have a detailed understanding of you local property market and the factors that influence the value of your home and the suburb surrounding it.

For a limited time we invite you to take a take a peek into our world, so that you … Continue Reading »



Why Video?

When it comes to marketing property for sale in 2016 it seems as though there are almost an endless number of options, however one method in particular is taking center stage… video.

Agents are getting creative with the motion picture and it appears to be paying off. Check out the infographic with some quick facts and stats about … Continue Reading »

Ask The Agent | Why Changing Places?


Why Changing Places was an ideal fit for Rushi

Rushi Juvekar opened his Changing Places business in February 2015, Well educated and managing Melbourne’s Telephone exchange network for Telstra, Rushi had no prior real estate experience apart from having bought and sold a number of his own … Continue Reading »

How to; run the best open homes


How to run the best open for inspection in the neighbourhood

So the scenario is this: You’ve gained a listing, you have created a schedule of events to bring you up to auction day, and you think you’ll get some good traction. What you do next is just as, if not more important. Any vendor will expect you to run inspections, … Continue Reading »

What’s your property’s story?


Nobody knows your home better than you.

You have lived in it and loved it and you know every nook and delightful cranny and every special feature of the property.

All those special features such as three-phase power or that you were a builder make your property more desirable and valuable. It is an agent’s job to convey … Continue Reading »

3 Tips To Enhance Your Space


Make the most of your personal space

Whether living at home with the family, renting or sharing with friends, making the most of the space you have can vividly enhance your well being. It can prove to be quite difficult to create a space that is truly yours and this is especially true if you are sharing or … Continue Reading »

Your Home, Your Future


Making the most of your greatest asset

If a woman won $10,000 in Lotto, she’d scream, ‘My God, I won $10,000!’

If a man was to reap a windfall of $50,000 more than they expected, (which in effect is $100,000 you would have to earn and pay tax on, to have that much cash) – we’d say, ‘good … Continue Reading »

Preparing Your Mind


Preparing your mind for sale

Many people put their property on the market, but they haven’t thought about what selling really means and what they are going to do if they actually do sell. The reality of selling only hits when the first offer comes in. If you’re not ready to sell that offer can come as quite a … Continue Reading »

Should you move? Should you renovate?


A timeless question and one that many home owners consider

People renovate for lifestyle reasons or to try and make profit. If you intend to stay in your property for a long time and wish to adjust your home for your needs then that is money well spent. However, if you are considering renovating for profit – … Continue Reading »

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