The 2 Values of Any Property

A property’s value is subjective. From my experience there is always two values attached to your property; an emotional value and a logical value.


Logical Value

The logical value of a property is dependent on facts and comparable analysis of similar properties in your immediate area. These include the following;

1.    Comparable properties recently sold
2.    Comparable properties currently for sale
3.    Average days on market
4.    Public and private investment in infrastructure
5.    Median house prices
6.    Market trends
7.    Supply vs Demand
8.    Planning restrictions
9.    Land size

Each of the above factors has the ability to influence the value of your property in either a negative or positive way. These factors are mostly uncontrollable and often portray and accurate analysis and estimation of a property’s logical value.


Emotional Value

Unlike the logical value of your property, many of the influencing factors to the emotional value are controllable, and when maximized give the potential to unlock that hidden 10-15% in your sale price. At the end of the day is the buyer who dictates a property’s true value and buyers can be influenced by the following factors;


Presentation of Your Property

The presentation of your property plays an important role in adding value and will ultimately dictate the end sale price.


Marketing & Positioning

Attracting buyers in a modern world comes down to an important mix of cleaver marketing strategy and marketplace presence – you simply cannot sell a secret and a well marketed property will attract a considerably higher number of inspections.



It’s no secret that to more people interested and competing for a single item, subsequently the value of the item will increase. This is an example of micro supply vs demand human beings are very emotional creatures.


Creating Scarcity

Auction campaigns have the ability to create scarcity in the mind of the buyer and help unlock the hidden value through the fear of missing out – however this will only have the desired affect if you can combine a solid mix of the emotional factors.



With a modest investment in the presentation of your property combined with a strategic marketing campaign aimed at generating more inspections, you have the potential to unlock the hidden 10-15% in the end sale price.


Your property is on the marketing in competition not in isolation, in Australia people sell property once every 5-7 years as an average. Control what you can control and maximise your sale price.


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