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Ranked Australian Universities

This month marks the first full month that most high school graduates will become ‘official’ uni-students

The University of Melbourne remains Australia’s top university, ranking number 33 in the world. It’s no surprise that surrounding suburb Parkville has a proportionately high demographic of young independents.

This list is based on the latest round of Times Higher Education World University Rankings, with universities in the same range ordered alphabetically. Times Higher Education assesses the universities according to four core criteria; teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

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1. University of Melbourne

National ranking: 1

World Ranking: 33

Suburb surrounding main campus: Parkville

2. Australian National University

National ranking: 2

World ranking: 45

Suburb surrounding main campus: Acton

3. University of Sydney

National ranking: 3

World ranking: 60

Suburbs surrounding main campus: Camperdown & Darlington

4. University of Queensland

National ranking: 5

World ranking: 65

Suburb surrounding main campus: St Lucia

5. Monash University

National ranking: 5

World ranking: 83

Suburb surrounding main campus: Clayton


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