Make the most of your personal space

Whether living at home with the family, renting or sharing with friends, making the most of the space you have can vividly enhance your well being. It can prove to be quite difficult to create a space that is truly yours and this is especially true if you are sharing or living with your family, even the most rock solid friendships can become fragile if you don’t have a private space that you can call your own, somewhere that you can go to read a book or contemplate the inner workings of the universe.

Those who are renting will usually face more challenges when customising their space as there are many more restrictions than if you own your own property.

Identify the space you want to utilise, access what is and isn’t achievable then take a few moment to ask yourself;

  • How much bedroom furniture do I have?
  • Where can I sit?
  • Am I allowed to paint?
  • Is there room for a desk, chair etc.

Once you have considered what it is that you would like to achieve from the space, compare your ideas with your budget (and quite often these two can be worlds apart)

Some landlords will allow you to make minor cosmetic changes to the property such as painting although you should always seek written approval when making any changes to a property that is not your own.

If you are not allowed to paint there are still a few important easy changes you can make as a tenant

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1. Floor coverings

If changing the floor coverings is not an option – simply add a rug, if you have floorboards a rug will make the space feel a lot warmer and add an additional layer to the room. When selecting a rug take into consideration where it will be placed within your space.

2. Windows

Can you change the window furnishings?

If unsure always seek permission from the landlord prior to making any changes. Window furnishings such as blinds and curtains and be an inexpensive way to add some serious style to your space. There are endless colours and patterns that you can choose from that are a statement to your personality and your space.

3. Add some artwork

Hanging art can be tricky when you are renting. When selecting your artwork, light weighted frames are best as you can use removable hooks that won’t make any permanent damage to the wall. Shop around online and even get a little creative remember this is your space and the artwork should be a resemblance you.

By investing a little time and money you can easily transform a room or space into a private and relaxing sanctuary, somewhere you can look forward to spending that well deserved ‘me time’.

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