6 Ways To Save On Bills This Summer


We love this great advice from electrician and home renovation expert, Bec Sparky for homelife.com.au, on how to reduce your home bills over the summer period. Good for the environment and the hip pocket!


When you’re hot and bothered it’s easy to blast the air conditioner, and not realise that warm air is leaking into your home. Summer is also a time where water usage soars, as we fight to keep the garden alive. However, there are ways to keep spending down. Here are my top six:


1. Ditch the dryer

In addition to washing clothes in cold water, forgoing the dryer for a good old fashioned clothes line is a great way to reduce electricity bills. Not only is it good for your wallet but it can be good for delicate clothes too – just make sure you check the forecast!


2. Water before 9am

Over 40 per cent of household water is used in the garden. A small but effective way to keep plants healthy without wastage is to water them before 9am, so they can use the water throughout the day. At the start of spring it’s also a good idea to replace worn nozzles, broken seals and tighten the watering roster.


3. Seal the air leaks

Your air conditioning can only be effective if you get rid of any leaks. Look for places where you have electrical conduits that go through the wall, ceiling or the floor, as well as pipes or vents. For small gaps try caulk. If there’s a larger problem it might be time to get a specialist in.


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4. Insulate everything

Insulation acts as a barrier to heat, particularly in rooves, walls, floors and ceilings. If the roof isn’t insulated you could be losing up to 45 per cent of your cooling. Wall insulation can save 20 per cent and flooring, five per cent.


5. Turn down the air conditioner

Many Australians over-cool their homes. Between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius is the range where you’ll be comfortable, but not wasting too much energy. There are also home automation solutions available, so you can program your air-con to switch on half an hour before you get home — that way you won’t need to do an energy-burning Arctic blast on arrival.


6. Teach your kids the cost of energy

Educating kids and helping them keep track of home energy usage is a great way to cut costs. Keep them motivated by rewarding them with 10 per cent of the money they save each quarter. Apps like Wiser Link will let them track electricity, gas and water consumption.

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