6 tips to kick off spring cleaning 2

Spring has sprung and you can definitely feel the change in the air.

That means many of us are turning to spring cleaning.

The term “spring cleaning” usually means chucking out the clutter and dusting down the house, shining it up so it feels fresh and renewed.

Many of us move away from the darker and cozier colours and textures of autumn and winter, towards the fun, bright and lighter feel of spring and summer.

It’s not just our houses: many of us go on personal health kicks, too, and emotional wellbeing is an important part of being healthy and happy. Our personal mood is closely tied up with our home environment, so a spring clean does more than just tidy our homes.

1. Clean your windows

Windows – they say they’re the eyes of your house and reflect what’s inside. And clean windows make a big difference. Dirty windows obscure your view. They hold out light and often condensation can leave dirty marks on the inside. If you don’t have time (or the inclination) to do this yourself, hire a window cleaner to get all your windows sparkling, inside and out.

2. De-clutter with a garage sale

There is no better time than the present to de-clutter. We all love to keep treasured pieces, some of us more than others, but a cluttered space creates a cluttered mind. By clearing the decks from time to time you not only give stuff to other people who can make use of it, but create a calmer and happier home for you and your loved ones.

Decide which areas of your home need most de-cluttering and prioritise them. Then gather a series of boxes or crates. Mark one for storage, one for thrift store donations, one for rubbish/recycling (genuine rubbish/recycling – think first if someone else could use these items), one for your own garage sale and one for keeping. Do one room at a time to stay focused. You may be able to manage a few rooms in a day or over a whole weekend.

Top tip: If the job is overwhelming, seek help from family and friends, or bring in a professional organiser to help you de-clutter.

3. Don’t forget your garden

Plants and flowers are vital in your home in my opinion. They bring colour and life into a space and are a must in any decorating scheme.

Keep it simple: grab some flowers from your garden.
Try potted plants: When it comes to potted plants, make sure you research, or chat with the plant nursery, about which plants will work best for your particular indoor environment. Some thrive well with very little light, others require plenty of light and some need humidity.
Buy indoor-friendly plants: There are plenty of plants that can be grown successfully inside such as palms, Peace Lily, Monsteras and ornamental figs like Fiddle Leaf, which are very popular.

No garden? Don’t despair: If you don’t have an outside garden, you can still create a green space. Think about creating green wall or a vertical garden. There are also many annual flowers that will brighten up your space in pots around the house.
Eat it: Growing edible gardens is a win win. You get healthier from the act of gardening, and you’re eating your own home grown fruits, vegetables and herbs.

4. Try a new craft

With spring comes a new lease of life. Grab it. Why not try a craft you have never done before.

Perhaps learn how to make a rag rug for your child’s room or bathroom. Use old jars to display your flowers in. Have a go at decoupage and create a feature on a coffee table, or cupboard. Crack open some paint and upcycle an old piece of furniture. Adding something you have made with your own hands to your home.

5. Create a peaceful & healthy bedroom

Getting enough sleep (7-8 hours is optimal for most people) should be an important part of your health and wellbeing plan. In winter our bedrooms often turn into cocoons.

As the weather gets warmer we need lighter bedding and a cooler room. Why not try a fresh coat of paint and a new, lighter cover on the bed to create a spring feel.

Ideally you shouldn’t be using technology in bed, as it prevents good sleep habits. You should also monitor how much light and noise you’re subjected to in bed. You may want to add light and heat-effective blinds, such as honeycomb style blinds, which allow you to control for the increasing light across spring and summer, as well as maintaining better temperature control.

6. Fix up any outdoor areas

As the warmer weather approaches, we spend more time outside, so make sure you don’t neglect any outdoor areas in your cleaning and de-cluttering tasks.

  • Protect for spiders and other pests, who will start to be on the increase.
  • Freshen any decking with a new coat of varnish or paint.
  • Paint handrails and other areas which that be looking worse for wear.
  • Clean out children’s cubby houses and sandpits.
  • Give the BBQ a good scrub ready for all the meals it will be cooking.
  • Get upcycling your old outdoor setting with a fresh coat of paint.

(source: realestate.com.au)

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