When you ask the right questions, you get the right answers

Question 1

What is the current state of the local market?

Question 2

How much do you think my property is worth and how did you arrive at that figure?

Question 3

How does my property present? Are there any suggestions you can make to help maximise the sale price?

Question 4

What other comparable properties have you sold in my area and what method of sale was used to achieve this?

Question 5

What method of sale do you recommend for my property and why?

Question 6

How long is it taking you to sell property in my area?

Question 7

How long have you worked in my area?

Question 8

Where do buyers come from?

Question 9

What marketing strategies will attract the best buyer for my property?

Question 10

How will you negotiate an offer?

Question 11

Why should I select you as my real estate agent?

Question 12

Will you be handling my sale personally?

Question 13

How will you determine the feedback from inspections?

Question 14

What will be your communication strategy to keep me informed of any activity generated?

Question 15

How much should I invest in marketing and why?

Question 16

16. How much do you charge?

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