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Established in 2001 with the vision of revolutionising the real estate industry through our unique business model, Changing Places is one of the fastest growing real estate operations in Australia and we pride ourselves on our innovative and unique business proposition.

We believe the industry must accept a change in the way salespeople operate we have introduced a “Fixed Fee” commission structure calculated on the general demographic of the buyer, and the level of effort and resources required to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients, not the dollar value of your property.


There is little difference in the effort and resources required to sell a $275,000 property compared with a $475,000 property – same scenario when you compare a $600,000 property to a $900,000, yet the commission received by the salesperson is vastly more rewarding.

Most agencies have received a 70% increase in their gross commission income over the past 5 years – That’s the average appreciation to the value of property across Australia in that time period – this means, by a percentage based commission structure you, the vendor, are being charged an additional 70% on the service fee of the same salesperson compared to five years ago.

As property prices in Australia continue to increase so will the commission you pay.
We do not sacrifice on quality.

In fact, we ensure all our salespeople are equipped with state-of-the-art tools, training and support to ensure the best possible outcome can be achieved for our clients.


At Changing Places we don’t believe in extravagant, expensive offices in every suburb with wall-to-wall secretaries, in a modern world over 85% of real estate business happens online, plush offices are simply an unnecessary expense that subsequently you are funding by agreeing to over inflated salesperson fees.

Administration and management are centralised and the immense reduction in outgoing costs our model provides, allows us to pass this saving on to our clients, without sacrificing quality of service. We employ, train and support a National network of Area Specialists who are experts in their field and well networked within their territory.

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